About Us


Our Mission

We launched Finisher’s repair and consulting in August of 2011 with the intent on building a brand and setting a new standard for excellence and quality. Our Mission is to find talent and turn that talent into passion. We aim to not only give back but empower our youth by training and teaching them quality over quantity values which will in turn help them to hopefully one day make a decision and be able to stand by that decision to work in this field as a qualified contractor with a great customer base. 

Core values 
⦁ Commitment to excellence & quality
⦁ Honesty, integrity & equality
⦁ Safety 

Finishers Repair and Consulting LLC

The Client

We at Finishers Repair and Consulting LLC will always remember to focus our attention on the needs of our clients. We believe in building our client base one project at a time, that is the heartbeat of our business. We perform our best work at all costs, each client is unique, and we pride ourselves on getting to know and understand every client’s needs and wants and help in making the best choices and options available.


At Finishers Repair and Consulting LLC. our quality is standard one. We pride ourselves and live by our slogan “We do it right the first time”. We have found an efficient and effective way to do our best work in a timely manner. We deliver quality service and workmanship. We strive at making a process that is so known for stress and inconvenience, a stress-free process. So, get use to the next level of stress-free renovation. Your satisfaction is not only guaranteed but essential to our survival. 

We do it right the first time!!!

Simply put, we must be able to take pride in the work we perform. We strive to positively impact every client we encounter and simplify the project. Implementing a strategic plan and customer service-oriented staff assures projects that have been awarded to us will be performed and completed efficiently and ensures us as a company a satisfied client base.